Energy Healing & Transformation

You are made of energy. Every thought you think, feeling you have and action you take is energy.

When your thoughts, feelings and actions are in alignment with you truly want, you FEEL good, and you reach your goals.

Your vibration attracts what shows up for you.

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If you don’t like what you have in life, in terms of people, things, situations, your health, the money you have, and more, then you need to change your energy.

Higher Self Healing

I connect you to your Higher Self and teach you how to get Yes, No and Maybe responses. You learn to get to the Root Cause of what keeps you stuck and to call in emotions that are more in alignment with the life you want.

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Psychic Card Readings

Receive wisdom from your Higher Self or Spirit Guides with a Card Reading. These are pre-recorded 20-minute readings answering 1-3 questions, or longer Forecast Readings that are fabulous around your Birthday or the New Year. Or join me for a Live video session.

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Akashic Record Readings

This is your Book of Soul, the experiences your Soul has had since origination. I’m sure you can image what kinds of experiences you’ve enjoyed and endured over 100’s of past lives. That energy can keep you stuck in this life. Let’s clear that!

Magical Book

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Manifestation Blueprint

You are living by the Laws of the Universe, even if you don’t know them, believe in them or understand them. The Law of Attraction is only ONE of the Laws that is important for you. It means: like attracts like, or that which is like is drawn. Every thought, feeling and action you take sends a request out to the Universe asking for the same energy to be returned. See everything you think, believe, do and more like boomerangs that come back to you.

On top of the Universal Laws which impact us, you also have your own unique Manifestation Blueprint that dictates how you create things into your own physical world. Once you have your own Blueprint, you can use it to manifest ANYTHING.


Create your Life

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Chakra Energy Clearings

You have SEVEN main Chakras (energetic wheels of light) that are aligned along your spine. Each Chakra is associated with a nerve plexus in your body. The energy flows down from your Crown to the Earth (the Manifestation Current) and up from Earth to Crown (the Liberation Current). When the flow in either or both direction is blocked or reduced, you may have physical, mental or emotional issues that need to be solved. Each of the Chakras are meant to flow and connect to one another. Let’s get them all cleared, aligned and flowing so your body, mind, and soul are happily ready to move you forward to live your purpose.

7 Main Chakras

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Rapid Transformation Therapy – Current Life Healing of Subconscious Beliefs

Your mind is wide open to all the things you hear, feel, see and believe about the world from conception until about age 8. Once you reach 8, your mind closes up and life is then filtered through those subconscious beliefs. So as an adult, if you don’t have all that you want in your life, know that you are filtering everything and everyone you meet through your 8 year old eyes. Rapid Transformation is a rapid form of hypnosis that takes you back to scenes from your life that have impacted you and are preventing your forward movement.

Strut your stuff

These work for: fears, weight release, blocks, anxiety, depression and more.

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If you want to change something but you don’t know where to start, begin to meditate. Meditation will change your life. It’s not about shutting off all thoughts, it’s about creating space within your mind so you feel calmer in life, and can more easily access your intuition.

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