I’m Sherri Simpson. I've been where you are. I did everything 'right', and I had everything I thought I should have:

  • great job,
  • healthy exercise routine,
  • active social life,
  • house, car, etc.

I had a 9-5 job that I once loved, until I didn't. I worked really hard to please everyone (except myself) for a lot of years. I put myself last over and over, and I was exhausted. I ignored my own needs for so long, that I gave myself an auto-immune disorder (an overactive thyroid) and created an intolerance to gluten/wheat products.

As a Transformational Life Coach, my goal is to connect with you before you're at the doctor's office getting your own dis-ease diagnosis, and before your adrenals are so fatigued that you're forced to take a stress leave from work. 

I believe that in order to achieve true freedom in life, we need to have all three of: health, wealth and time freedom. I want to help you create true freedom, in a way that suits you.

I'm not only a self-help junkie, but also a lover of all things training, and all things spiritual and metaphysical. My formal training includes a Computer Science degree, and a Master of Human Kinetics. This means I can teach you how to run a very efficient life and body!

Some of my less formal training includes:

*Soul Realignment Practitioner Training (Akashic Records reader -> Soul Guidance information)
*Certified Law of Attraction Coach
*Tapping Into Wealth Coach training
*Certified Heal Your Money Story Coach
*previous Massage Therapist
*B-School Graduate (with Marie Forleo)
*previous Fitness Instructor (every class, except Zumba)
*500-hr Yoga Teacher (including 200 hours of Yoga Therapy)

Let me help you create wealth, health, and time freedom, your way.

A little more about me...

After a decade working as a Web Developer, I was exhausted. I had headaches all the time and I was ready for a change.

I left my 9-to-5 job and retrained as a Massage Therapist. Within 18 months, I was running my own clinic.

I built up my business over the next three years, but I was repeating the same patterns. I was people-pleasing and saying ‘Yes’ to everyone else, while continuing to say ‘No’ to me. I worked seven days a week, I was exhausted, and I was getting lots of headaches again.

I had to learn to set boundaries and to say ‘No’ to others. I learned to make myself a priority and to trust that I had valuable information and services to share, and I was worthy of a happy, healthy and abundant life. 

Blue sky and the Atlantic Ocean at Prospect Bay, NS

After running my own business for three years, I left the hustle and bustle of Ontario and moved to the epic South Shore of Nova Scotia, 15-minutes from the world-renowned Peggy’s Cove.  There, I made my own hours and had ample time to explore the beauty of the area.

While working as a Massage Therapist, I realized I was Psychic. I was 'pulling information' out of my client's heads, and I was using them (unintentionally) as my own personal informational filing cabinets. I didn't always know my clients as I saw them, but once I was 'in their energy field', I could "remember", or had energetic access to, their previous treatments, where they went on vacation, the names of their kids, animals, etc. It was then that I realized I needed to pursue working with energy and the Akashic Records in a more in-depth way.

While out East, I heard two very distinct messages:
"He's not here." and "Go to the mountains."

I ended up making the decision to pack up my car and drive solo across Canada to "the mountains". I've been exploring the beauty of British Columbia while house and pet sitting ever since, except for a 3-week pet sitting experience in the epic Pyrenees mountains of Andorra.

I now use my gifts and talents to help others heal themselves and move forward in creating lives, bodies, relationships and careers they love!

A scenic photo of Cleveland Beach with rocks and blue sky with clouds

You get to choose:

  • your thoughts
  • your actions and reactions
  • how you feel
  • who you let into your life
  • and how you spend your time.

Choose to release the old worn out patterns and create a life you love.