Card Reading

I’m a Spiritual Ascension Coach. I used to refer to myself as a “Life Coach”, and then as a Transformational Life Coach, but the title didn’t clearly speak to what I offer my clients.

If you’re ready to:
*connect more intimately with your Higher Self
*learn who your Spirit Guides (and/or Angels) are
*be able to tap into and clear your Chakras
*learn more about Numerology
*learn more about Astrology
*learn how to possibly see and feel auras
*learn how to receive Yes/No answers from your Higher Self
*learn how to clear old karma from your past, past lives and ancestry
*learn to read Tarot and Oracle cards

Then I’m your Mentor.

A great way to hone in on your Guidance is to use Divination Tools.

Over the next week I’ll be sharing more about Card Reading, an ancient Divination Tool. If you’re eager to learn more after this free series, I’d be honoured to have you join us for the Learn to Read Cards course being held in a Private Facebook group beginning October 1st.
The Early Bird Pricing ends at midnight on the Equinox, September 22nd.

Tarot Cards

You can register early in the Store.

Here’s an intro video to get your started.

Come back to this page over the next 4 days to learn more. I’ll upload a few more videos for you!

You can also catch the video on YouTube and share it, if you’re inspired.

Namaste. May you tap into your Intuition and Co-Create with your Source in a quicker, easier, more fluid and fun way!
Sherri. :O)

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