Are you familiar with the movie and book The Secret?
If so, you have heard the term Law of Attraction.


The law simply states: ‘Like attracts like’.


Or another way: ‘That what you focus on expands’.


Focusing on illness or things you fear, can inadvertently bring those things to you.


A coach is going to motivate you to make changes in your life.


When you tell a coach what your goals are, they will help you determine why you haven't reached them yet.


Then, if you are ready to move forward, they can offer you suggestions and techniques to get you moving.


A coach’s goal is to meet you where you are.

That means challenge you, without creating overwhelm.

You will begin to notice, and alter, your habits, thought patterns, and actions.

This creates ease and flow in all areas of life.

We know that you are capable of doing this on your own, but hiring a coach allows for much quicker results.

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Sign up for one 2-1/4 hour intensive allowing you to dig deep into your goals, and begin to process fears that may be holding you back. Your investment is $275 CDN, including taxes.


If you have a single action-item requiring your focus and energy, connect with us for one 75-minute session. Your investment is $175 CDN, including taxes.


I'm sure that you're aware that change doesn't happen overnight. Some swear that it takes 30 days, others believe it takes over 60 days for anything to become a habit. If you are ready to make a bigger commitment to yourself and to your future, please purchase eight 60-minute coaching sessions. Your investment is $1280 CDN, including taxes.


If you're called to make an even bigger commitment to yourself and to your future, please purchase twelve 60-minute coaching sessions. Your investment is $1920 CDN, including taxes. This package includes an Akashic Record reading, combined with a 60-minute phone or Skype session. Believe in yourself; your future awaits.

The practitioner will connect with you energetically, during a 30-minute Distance Healing session, and ask what blocks are ready to be released. You will receive an email once the session has been completed with further details and suggestions.


Physical actions may be suggested, such as getting out into nature, taking an Epsom salts bath, or drinking more water.


Affirmations may be provided, to keep your mind connected to your goals.


For a more in-depth reading, the practitioner will calculate your Numerology Life Path, and other important numbers for you. This provides insights about how to lead a more purposeful life.

30-minute distance healing session: $55 CDN.


60-minute distance healing session: $90 CDN.

Includes Numerology Life Path calculation and insights. We will need your Birth Day, Month, and Year.


Now offering Akashic Record readings.

Your Life Transformation by Sherri Simpson, Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach

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