Digestive Issues

Let’s go over some of the main issues that people experience or ‘suffer through’ in terms of the digestive system.

The main six that I thought of are:

  1. Crohn’s Disease
  2. Colitis
  3. Diverticulitis
  4. Leaky Gut
  5. Candida
  6. Chronic Constipation

If you or someone else suffers from another digestive issue that I haven’t listed, please comment or email me. I’ll add it to the list. As I create individual posts regarding each of the issues listed, you’ll be able to click the items above and learn more.

Listen to the Podcast about Digestive Issues:

Watch the Video covering the same content on my YouTube channel here:

Please share this blog, the podcast and/or the video if you believe someone will benefit from this information.

I’ll explain the allopathic and holistic understanding of each condition.

I’d love to know if this information resonates with you. If you suffer from any of the above and you desire a natural healing approach, book a FREE chat with me. Let’s see if I can help: http: Sherri.as.me

Namaste. May your health be perfect and easy to maintain.

Sherri. :O)



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