Generalist or Specialist

Are you a generalist or a specialist?

I’ve always seen myself as more of a generalist. I like to dig into information, sports, hobbies, just so far, then I hit some point where boredom often strikes and I decide it’s time to leave that and go off and do something else.

The list of sports I’ve tried is quite long: baseball, badminton, tennis, cross country and downhill skiing, rollerblading, snow boarding, ice skating, dance, gymnastics, biking, running, rock climbing… I’m sure there’s more. What does your list look like?

The list of different jobs I’ve held and courses, training, and workshops I’ve taken is so long it’s almost comical.

I like to have lots of tools in my tickle trunk!

Little did I know that this (I can’t seem to stick to any one thing, why do I appreciate such variety) way of being has actually been serving my psychic abilities.


You Guide Team, Angels, Teachers, Ascended Masters and Loved Ones, they communicate with you based on the knowledge and wisdom you already know. Maybe you know:

*the name of every breed of dog
*every kind of bird
*every fruit or kind of tree
*all the bones and muscles and organs in the body
*every lyric from every song written in 1999
*every movie that Julia Roberts is in.

They know the names of all your relatives and where you vacationed. What made you sad and the experiences where you found yourself overjoyed.

They use ALL that information!

When you’re receiving guidance from the other side, from your Spirit Team, they connect you to what you already know. They lead you with the bread crumbs of your own thoughts, experiences and memories to the answers you’re asking for.

But… you need to ASK!

Has a song ever been stuck in your head for DAYS? Pay attention to the lyrics, or remember the first time you heard it, or who it reminds you of. They’re messages.

When you get messages from Spirit, they’re not necessarily urgent, but once you understand them, they often fade quickly. That perfect blog post or the number to call, or the job opportunity they’re drawing you towards? You need to react to the messages. Like, now. Right away. Write them down. Send yourself an email. Record the important stuff.


Because you have Free Will.

Spirit is trying to help you by offering answers to your questions and information that you’ve been asking for, but Spirit are not pests. They do not judge or harass.

Your Team knows you have the option to do something with the guidance, or do absolutely nothing with it. It’s totally your prerogative.

Yep, that’s right. YOU have all the power.

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Namaste. Enjoy your new found power!
Sherri. :O)

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