Healing Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal feeling to have now and then. If you feel anxious more often than not, or experience excessive nervousness, gut wrenching fear, shaking, apprehension and worry about what is coming or might happen, this is NOT normal.

You do NOT have to live with this.

For me, anxiety was prevalent more so when I was struggling with an auto-immune disease of the thyroid, Graves Disease, and even sometimes now.

I have never experienced full out panic attacks, and I’m truly grateful for that.

I have experienced excessive sweating, and been worried about feelings of embarrassment around that, and people wondering what was wrong with me.

I’ve experienced extremely annoying and irritating racing of my heart, even at night while my body should have been ready to sleep.

I also experienced shaking. What you may have experienced yourself from drinking or consuming too much caffeine. I can sometimes feel this when I have too much coffee, and sometimes it’s just there like a vibration or energy, an excessive or pent up amount.

None of these symptoms are fun, but you CAN overcome them. Much of it relates to your thoughts and where you are allowing them to go.

I created a video (and also a podcast) explaining more about this. One thing I forgot to mention on the recording was to do push-ups or move into child’s pose when you are experiencing overwhelming anxiety.


It shrinks your ‘world’ down to YOU in the present moment. It can feel extremely nurturing.

You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud, or watch the video on YouTube.

If you’re ready to heal and the medical ways have not worked, or you’re not interested in going that route, please book a FREE chat with me. Let’s see if I can help. Book a session here: http://Sherri.as.me

I desire your life to feel blissful and purposeful.

Hypnosis is also a fabulous technique for healing. Read more here: http://your-life-transformation.com

Sherri. :O)

May your life be filled with joy.

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