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*You know what the Law of Attraction is, but you're not sure you're applying it correctly.

*You understand that you're here on this planet to make a bigger impact, but you're a little fuzzy on what exactly that is.

*There are things you want to Create in life, to Manifest, but you'd adore some guidance.

*You want the PROCESS of Manifesting to be quicker, easier, FUN, fulfilling, and really aligned with WHO You ARE.

*You know who you are, in a physical and worldly sense, but you'd love to know who you are at a deeper SOUL level.

*You're eager to create a more intimate connection with yourself, and your loved ones (or even to call new loved ones in), but you're not sure where to start.

When you learn how to connect to your Highest Self,
and align with the next evolution of your Path and Purpose,
AND you have the guidance of your own Manifesting Blueprint,
you can solve any of these challenges, and more, very quickly!

Download a FREE PDF here that guides you through HOW to Manifest What You Desire in 7 Days.

When you take action to improve any area of life, you improve them all.

When you co-create with a coach, while being aligned with your Highest Path and Purpose,
you manifest VERY quickly. And it FEELS Great!

I, Sherri Simpson, can provide you with Soul Guidance about WHO you are, and what you're here to DO.

Have you ever been blissfully living in a particular moment in time?
If so, you've been connected to your Highest Self, your Divine Self.

This place is almost magical. It holds love, joy, freedom, peace and so much more.

If you're interested in creating a life you love, that contains more of these things, you're in the right place.

You've heard of the Law of Attraction? It's a Universal Law that functions regardless of whether we believe it or not, just like gravity.

The Law of Attraction states that: Like attracts like.

Basically, we are very large Human magnets who are capable of attracting to us all that we desire.

If it makes sense to you that you can create your own experiences through intention and emotions, but you haven't had much success so far, then a Manifesting Blueprint is the piece you've been missing.

If you:

  • are a self-help junkie,
  • and you love to dig deep into yourself, and
  • you're ready, REALLY READY, to learn how to make the Law of Attraction work for you,

then this 30-minute session (which includes a PDF detailing who you are at a Soul level) is your next step.

If the Law of Attraction hasn't worked for you yet, it's because you have your own unique Manifesting Blueprint and you're not currently in alignment with it.

You can create what you want in a quicker, easier, more efficient, loving and kind manner, when you use YOUR specific Blueprint.

You may be tired of:

  • feeling tired,
  • living from a place of lack and struggle,
  • trying to create the life you want, and
  • a schedule that's so full of things that you HAVE to do, that there's no time or energy left to do things you WANT to do.

When you connect with your Blueprint, you connect with your Highest Self, your Soul, as it was originally created.

If you're ready to:
*re-connect with who you are at a deep soul level
*feel more motivated & enthusiastic
*learn more about yourself (talents, skills, challenges)
*learn how to use your gifts to create the life you want, and
*learn to manifest like a maven
then you're in the right place!

BOOK with me for a 30-minute session and learn how to follow your own specific Manifesting Blueprint. It's $189 CDN. Once you purchase a session, I'll be notified and create a PDF for you.

After I send this document to you, and you've reviewed it, we'll book a 30-minute session. At that time, you will provide a single important goal to me, so we can discuss and dissect HOW you will move forward in manifesting this DESIRE using your Manifesting Blueprint.

Once you understand how to USE your Blueprint, you can re-use it, over and over again, to MANIFEST new things.

It's time for you to create the life and business of your DREAMS!

"Sherri's reading was the result of Divine timing. The precious information it contained was what I needed to know. I was having doubts, and she gave me confirmation of what I had almost forgotten. She rekindled my faith and motivation in a project that is bigger than me, and I like to think of her reading as part of this beautiful journey."

A. Ina

"Sherri's Akashic Record reading was fantastic. I learned several things about myself that helped me understand my life path and purpose more fully. She was even able to give me insight into what past lives are influencing this life the most! Sherri is also an incredible human being, bringing a special light and gentleness to her work. I highly recommend her!"

Kate Patchett, Intuitive Coach, New York, USA

"I am happy to wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Sherri Simpson to anyone seeking guidance counseling, and feel myself unusually fortunate to have made her professional acquaintance. Sherri Simpson is an exceptionally gifted, empathetic and intuitive counselor, and I count my time with her to be of great and lasting value. Her rare gift of not only careful listening and inquiry but suggestions for seemingly simple exercises brought swift and far-reaching results. With Sherri's skillful assistance I was able to successfully remove myself from a long-standing place of frustrating inertia into a state of forward/upward movement and emotional clarity, for which I remain exceedingly grateful."

Pamela Johnston, North Carolina, USA