This Is Bella

This post is about Bella. (Her name has been changed to protect her identity.)

The intention of this blog series is for you to learn more about who you are on a deeper level and why you’ve come into this current time, from the perspective of Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, and the Akashic Records/Soul Level. We think of these things as being frivolous or simply coincidental. They are highly accurate tools for finding out more about yourself.

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About Bella:


Moon in the 4th House
Uranus in the 8th House
Jupiter in the 1st House

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Life Path: 32/5
Day of Birth: 20
Soul Urge Number: 11/2

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Human Design

Type: Manifesting Generator
Not-Self Theme: Frustration
Profile: 4/6

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Akashic Record/Soul Level

Origin: Starseed & Earther
Divine Energy: Power
Life Themes: Fulfillment, Empowerment

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Let’s dig into these four areas more deeply.

ASTROLOGY – the study of patterns and relationships, and finding meaning in them

Moon in the 4th House: A peaceful home is very important to Bella. Without it, she doesn’t feel safe. This placement is connected to her Mother and the past. Bella is likely interested in genealogy, history and her background. She is kind and sensitive to others when she’s in her power. When she’s not, she may have a tendency to hide, and then the world doesn’t get to experience her gifts.

“Moon in Pisces – You are a very sensitive person with strong feelings. If someone makes a harsh remark, you take it very hard. In fact, one of your tasks in life will be to develop a thicker skin.” –

Uranus in the 8th House: Things can change quite suddenly for Bella. When she resists change, it creates pressure like water being held by a dam. She also has a tendency to strongly resist others opinions and actions that are not in alignment with her own. It brings her into the *fight* response, and takes her away from allowing and having the choice to focus her attention on better feelings things. She likes things that are hidden, deep and mysterious. It serves her to follow her interests, rather than being forced (creating resistance) to *like*, *be* or *do* things that others desire, or desire for her.

Bella, you seek freedom in many ways and it serves you to create and respond to things that allow for more freedom for yourself.

“Uranus represents change. It is associated with innovation, technology and discovery. Uranus helps bring about progressive change in all aspects of our lives. This Planet takes us into the future; tradition is made to be broken.”  –

Jupiter in the 1st House: This placement of Jupiter in Bella’s chart means that she likes to do things in a big way! She enjoys life (when she allows herself to) and desires to serve others almost to excess. This can be a challenge when the negative or lack aspect is more prominent than the love or abundant aspect. Since she doesn’t appreciate doing things in a tiny or small way, she even does the negative aspects in a HUGE way.

Bella, you love to take care of others and protect them. It serves you greatly to act more *selfishly* and put yourself into this equation.

Jupiter is a planet of plenty. … Some of this planet’s keywords include morality, gratitude, hope, honor, and the law.” –

NUMEROLOGY – the least known or understood of the metaphysical sciences

5 Life Path: Bella is a spiritual rebel and a freedom-seeker. With a life path of 5, Bella is a *healer of the Throat Chakra*. She has a talent for speaking her truth, and inspires others to speak their own. (She may want to speak others truths for them, but it serves her to inspire and motivate others to step into their own power.)  She can *stick her neck out* for others, and herself.

Bella, your upbringing likely involved an abundance of *not being heard* which has basically forced you to step into your own power and balance how you speak and listen to yourself and others.

Since our lives go in cycles, each new birth year brings a new numerology number.

In 2018, after Bella’s birthday, she is now in a 3 Year. This next year brings new visibility and new growth. It may bring up feelings of vulnerability and questions about whether she has the ability to succeed.

Bella, yes you do!

“Some of the earliest written records of numerology appear in Egypt and Babylon. There is also compelling evidence that numerology was used thousands of years ago in China, Rome, Japan and Greece.  However, the credit for modern-day numerology is usually given to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras.” –

Born on the 20th Day: Bella is extremely aware of what’s going on around her and is a skilled empath. (She feels other people’s feelings.) It’s extremely important for her to ground herself in her own energy. Otherwise, she may feel like a kite that gets dragged around by her external environment. She is very affectionate, but also requires a lot in return. Bella must allow herself to share hugs with friends and loved ones often.

Bella, you are very powerful and influential. You make a great adviser for those ready to step into their own power.

“Bella, you must develop the ability to truly see how necessary you are to the success of any enterprise you enter. You are the glue that binds projects together.” –

2 Soul Urge Number: Bella desires to experience harmony in all areas of life. She has a deep almost palpable desire for peace, comfort and safety.

Bella, tactfulness, rather than force, guides you to accomplishing your goals.

“Soul Urge Number: This is the inner you. It shows your true motivation, your inner cravings and urges, likes and dislikes. ” –

HUMAN DESIGN – a user manual to help guide you through life

Manifesting Generator Type: Generators are the most dominant of the four different Human Design Types currently on the planet, about 70% of the population. The sub-group of Manifesting Generators makes up about half of this Type. Bella, your group are the driving force on the planet. The rest of us need you!

Bella has a desire to learn more about herself. Unlike the straight Generators, she must wait to respond to others, which can be extremely frustrating. However, when she does wait to respond and she loves what she’s doing, she cultivates never-ending energy and the peace and calm of the most Zen person any of us has ever seen or known.

Bella, you’re like a Peaceful Warrior. It can be a challenge to balance your energies (of both Masculine and Feminine) within you. Act from the place of your Spiritual, Feminine side, and allow your inspired actions to use your limitless energy.

Frustration, Not-Self Theme: When Bella is NOT acting in alignment with herself, who she really is, she’s WAY too far in the Warrior energy, and acting rather than waiting to respond.

Bella, if you find yourself frustrated, you’re doing one of these things… acting more with your Masculine side, and/or pushing forward with your actions rather than responding to someone or something from a heart-centred and nurturing place.

How else do you know if you’re not in your Self Theme?
*You may feel as though you’re struggling
*You feel a sense of lack
*There’s WAY too  many challenging things going on around you, or happening ‘to you’

Being in flow should feel like magic! Everything feels easy and fun, peaceful, comfortable and joyful.

“Generators and Manifesting Generators when you’re living the not-self, you spend your lives missing many opportunities that are right for you, yet you take the ones that are not right.  You end up exhausted.” –

4/6 Profile: There are 12 different Profiles in the Human Design System. They’re like characteristic patterns occurring for you in this incarnation and your purpose and theme in this life.

Bella, as a 4/6, you are considered the *Opportunist Role Model*. You have a desire for perfection and authenticity. You’re the only Profile that has three distinct life stages. One from birth until age 28, one from 28-50 and one from 50 onward.

In the first phase, Bella likely had a tendency to internalize everything she experienced. She likely did a lot of experimentation and investigation in life during this phase, almost like she was a Scientist and her life was her lab.

The second phase was more about observing others and seeing things from a higher perspective. She likely *watched and learned*, more like a fly on the wall, what others were doing and internalized that.

Bella, in the final phase, you have ALL the wisdom and *data* that you’ve collected from your first two phases.

Now, it’s time, Bella… time for you to step into being the Role Model.

People will begin flocking to you for your wisdom, once you allow it. You’re not meant to *search and rescue* them, as you need to Respond to rather than initiate, so energetically call in those who you desire to help and take the actions to set-up a space of availability in the physical (time, physical space, resources) for you to guide them when they arrive. It will feel sort of like that baseball movie, the Field of Dreams: “Build it and they will come”.

“What would we humans be without our character? Colorless? Tasteless? Character brings our specific features out. In the Human Design System, Profiles are one very important composite of an individual’s uniqueness. ” –


AKASHIC RECORDS – Akasha is a Sanskrit word which means ether, the primary substance that forms EVERYTHING (past, present and future, in all dimensions)

Starseed Soul Origination: Bella is quite rare. Her soul originated on an alien planet where she enjoyed A LOT of peace, time and space for herself. This planet likely feels like WAY TOO MANY humans are smushed into a tiny space, like sardines. It’s heavy, dense and busy here. She may find the practical aspects of *being human* a little much. However, she’s spent so many lifetimes on Earth, that she also resonate with this planet. She’s grounded and practical, and likely interested in Earthly spiritual ways, like crystals, herbs, gardening, shamanism, animals and Nature in general.

Bella, you bring peace and enlightenment to the planet. You’re extremely wise, spiritual and knowledgeable. In order to keep your balance here, you must spend a great deal of time alone, and in Nature.

Energy of Divine Power: Bella is a powerful Creator when she’s tapped into herself and her desires and she’s here to help people learn these tricks, too… That they create their own reality. So, why not make it Awesome! Bella desires to be and do whatever she wants, without limitations. She’s psychic and intuitive. People may exhaust her as she tends to be *wide open* with her senses.

Bella, play with your Third Eye and your Empathy as though it’s a dial. Turn it down when you’re around a lot of people, and crank it when you’re helping individuals or small groups or connecting in to your own Guidance.

Bella is independent. She hates being stuck. It may have taken some time in her life for her to tap into her own authority in a loving and kind way, but once she found/finds that sweet spot, she can lead and create all the experiences she desires.

I hear you saying: How?

Bella, you need to stay in your own energy and get into greater and greater alignment with You. If others are *knocking you out* of alignment, then know that you’re allowing it. You’re allowing others to yank you out of your happy place. Ask yourself if it’s worth it? Sometimes, it will be, or it will be a necessity. Other times, it won’t be and you’ll hold your ground. Not in a fighting way, but it a Peaceful Warrior way. You can do this.

Life Themes of Fulfillment, Empowerment: Before we incarnate into our bodies, we decide what we want to experience. (It’s like learning, but more like playing, since we’re not in school here.) The items we choose are things that we decide to play with in all (or many) areas of life. We also play with all extremes and variations of the theme. Bella, you have likely *played with* fulfillment and empowerment on both extremes (not feeling at all fulfilled, and feeling totally fulfilled, as well as feeling completely dis-empowered and totally empowered). After playing with the extremes (mostly before adulthood), it’s as though we come to a place where we’re done *playing*. We know from our past experiences where we’re satisfied with these themes in the different areas of life and we tend to come to and maintain a more or less happy or satisfied state with them.

In Bella’s current professional role, similar to how Farrah felt, Bella likely feels too confined and stuck in what IS rather than freely feeling able to choose and act in new ways. It would serve her to transition into a career, or add a hobby, that would allow her to lead, and to act in her own authority as a role model for others.

Money is important to you, Bella, as it allows more experiences for joy, peace, comfort, safety and freedom. The more you tap into Who you are and What you want, the more it will flow.

I greatly appreciate being able to use Bella’s details to create this post for you.

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