This is Farrah

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To keep her identity protected, I’ll call her Farrah.

The intention of this blog series is for the information provided to share different options available for you to learn more about yourself. You can learn more about who you are on a deeper level and why you’ve come into this current time, from the perspective of Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, and the Akashic Records/Soul Level.

About Farrah:


Saturn in the 5th House
Moon in Capricorn
Mercury in the 10th House

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Life Path: 29/11 (Also holds energy of a 2)
Day of Birth: 14
Personality Number: 9

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Human Design

Type: Manifesting Generator
Strategy: To Respond
Inner Authority: Emotional – Solar Plexus

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Akashic Record/Soul Level

Origin: Starseed – closest to our Solar System
Divine Energy: Self-Expression
Manifesting: Contrast, Outcome, External

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Let’s dig into these four areas more deeply.

ASTROLOGY – understanding how patterns of the sun, moon and planets influence humans

Saturn in the 5th House: This placement makes Farrah more reserved about sharing her opinion than others; she has very high standards for herself. Playing for the sake of fun seems sort of like a waste of time. Shouldn’t she be learning something? Hanging out with older, wiser, more serious people is ‘fun’ for Farrah, since Saturn in this placement instills a sense of ‘I can learn from ALL my interactions.’ Farrah prefers to have a few close relationships with friends that are especially meaningful, but often ‘making new friends’ can be challenging since shyness can keep Farrah feeling disconnected.

“Capricorn is very concerned about rules, and finds it important that everything works according to these rules, even if they are made by some other authority. Having accepted these definitions, Capricorn plays the game accordingly.” –

Moon in Capricorn: Farrah likes to get things done. She works very hard to achieve things. She can be serious and somewhat shy. Emotions seem to cause more pain than peace or joy for Farrah. They seem almost out of place, as though someone inside, but outside of herself, is experiencing them. One of Farrah’s greatest lessons is not to be so hard on herself. Denying her own needs for comfort, love and security will create pain and dissatisfaction.

“Mercury represents reason, reasonableness (common sense), that which is rational. It stands for the spoken and written word, putting in order, weighing and evaluating, the process of learning and skills.”  –

Mercury in the 10th House: Learning and education is of the utmost importance for Farrah as she chooses a career in later life. Her ‘life’s work’ will involve using her very intelligent mind, and any or all of: travel, communication, public speaking and expressing her opinion.

“You are strongly attached to your own point of view, and if challenged, you will fight very hard for your opinions. You are much more likely to fight for an ideal than for yourself. (Mars in the 9th House)” –

NUMEROLOGY –  a belief in the mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events

11 Life Path: Farrah is here to experience cooperation, balance, integrity and above all else, creativity in how she serves others. She likely doesn’t *feel creative* as her level of creativity can require A LOT of energy. If she’s not feeling abundant and filled with vitality, she will have bouts of not feeling creative at all.

Our lives go in cycles, with each change of the calendar year.

In 2018, until Farrah’s birthday, she is in a 9 Year. She’s been letting go of all that is no longer serving her this year, and allowing quiet contemplation to provide wisdom and inspired actions for her and to her about next steps, and I believe, about her next career.

“Out Of Alignment: Resentful, narrow minded, childish, manipulative OR indecisive, self-centered, dependent, overly sensitive.” –

Born on the 14th Day: Farrah needs change! When things stay the same-old, same-old, she likely feels like she’s dying on the inside. She is extremely gifted with the spoken and written word which gives her a step above the rest in terms of being a writer or an editor. She works well with others, provided she doesn’t feel bound by rules or restrictions. She can get restless which may cause her to want to change jobs and/or primary relationships often. When she’s ready to make big changes, it serves her to think about them for a LONG time before taking action. Underneath her calm demeanor, she likely feels insecure and questions herself far too often, more than serves her. Her challenge in this life is to allow herself to ground in a lifestyle, career, and relationship that has some limits (that doesn’t feel restrictive) and allows her creativity to expand and grow.

“Farrah, You are original and practical, but can be erratic. You have to force yourself to finish projects once they are started.” –

9 Personality Number: As a 9, Farrah is seen by others as being very in control, positive, having a very inspiring and influential way about her that causes others to follow, support and admire her.

“Your Personality number often serves as a censoring device, both in terms of what you send out, as well as what you allow to approach. The Personality number is calculated using the consonants of your full name at birth.” –

HUMAN DESIGN – a new system of self-knowledge that is unique compared to any currently available system

Manifesting Generator Type: Manifesting Generators have direct access to build and develop creativity from their Sacral area, like no others can. The Sacral centre is like the Energizer bunny of consistent creative energy. They actually have to wear themselves out (from a creative perspective) to get a good nights sleep. Farrah and other Manifesting Generator types are here to work in ways that are sustainable and provide:

  • resources for others
  • education (learning and sharing)
  • family/community/tribe

Respond To Strategy: Manifesting Generators can make ALL sorts of things happen, but if they take action, rather than waiting for something to respond to, they manifest a whole lot of nothing. Farrah and other Manifesting Generators have a deep guttural response to things in life. When following her gut, Farrah can put herself in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time. She performs many tasks well, all at the same time (like a teenager who can do their homework while texting friends, listening to music and carrying on an in-person conversation). Farrah needs to have a bunch of things going on or she feels quite bored. The best way to Respond to what’s presented is to do it in a structured way:

  • envision or imagine the outcome
  • reprocess or reasses to make sure the gut agrees with the imagined outcome
  • inform those involved of actions that will be taken (a form of self-expression)
  • act according to plan based on the desired outcome

“A Manifesting Generator who is truly doing the Right Work doesn’t want to go on vacation and their need for sleep decreases.” –

Solar Plexus Inner Authority: Decision making for Farrah is based on feeling, rather than thinking. (If you remember from above, Farrah experiences *feelings* almost as though they aren’t hers, so this is likely a challenging way for her to make decisions. She likely uses her head because feeling into things feels wrong, when actually, thinking or making decisions based on logic will actually lead her astray. It serves her to use her GUT. This inner authority is about slowly taking the time to literally FEEL INTO the environment to determine what *feels good* and what doesn’t. This can be time consuming as the *feeling into* process needs to be done from several different perspectives, experiencing different situations over time. There is no *surety* to making decisions for Farrah. It comes down to whether things feel right, or not.

“Authority is about -What should I do? and How do I know that’s for me?” –


AKASHIC RECORDS –  the Book of Life, the record of all souls and what each has thought, felt, believed, experienced, done, etc. stored in the fifth dimensional plane of existence for the past, present, and future

Starseed Soul Origination: Farrah’s soul originated in the star system that is closest to our Solar System. She is very mentally oriented and has a tendency to roll up her sleeves and work hard until the job is done. However, when this isn’t in alignment with her (when her actions are for someone else’s greatest good and not her own), she has a tendency to create exhaustion acting from this *just do it* place. Alpha Centaurians are not known for being connected to their emotional bodies, so emotions seem quite foreign; they had to learn emotions rather than innately understanding them. They have a tendency to use *Acts of kindness or service* as their way of showing love. Farrah’s soul’s origination makes her happy spending time alone, without feeling like a loner. She is very practical, intelligent, and places a strong emphasis on things that are functional.

Energy of Divine Self-Expression: Farrah’s here to express her own unique opinion through writing and/or speaking. She’ll be a spiritual teacher once she allows herself to be as she is gifted at inspiring others through words. She holds a very special relationship with words and language, almost like words are palpable and they can provide a conduit for change and mental expansion. Farrah, like others who are gifted in the area of Divine Self-Expression, often need to overcome a lack of self confidence before they can use words as their tool for change. She would make a great teacher as long as she’s ready to step out from behind the book she’s reading or the courses she’s taking. Once she shares her opinions in a confident and public way, abundance will flow to her. And she’ll receive it for doing things she adores, which will stoke her creativity rather than exhaust her.

3 Aspects of the Manifesting Blueprint:

1) Contrast: When Farrah walks into a room, when she’s in alignment with her soul-self, she automatically notices who or what is different or in contrast to herself. She does this from a place of choice and fun, not from a place of judgement. She experiences her own Divinity through Contrast. In order to manifest using this quality, she needs to choose a goal that allows her to focus on what is different from where she is or who she is now, and celebrate her own uniqueness as she becomes the new her. She also needs to continue with actions right down to the end… she may have a tendency to stop doing things right before they’re finished because the aspect of contrast then shifts over to similarity, and things that are similar don’t hold her interest!

2) Outcome: Farrah manifests best when she has a big giant goal that is very defined (like the SMART goals you likely learned as a kid – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely). The more specific the desired outcome is, the more eager she’ll be to achieve it (as long as it’s in alignment with who she is at soul level).

3) External: Farrah uses others and the outside world as her reference point. She is motivated to create results based on how others will see her, who will see her, or based on things outside of her physical body. Eg. If she’s planning on going to the beach, she’s more likely to choose a bathing suit that others have mentioned looks good on her, rather than a suit that makes her feel good (on the inside).
Unlike those who are Internally motivated, she can use the question: *Who can I be for others?* to direct her goals.

In Farrah’s current professional role, she likely feels too confined and stuck in what’s *supposed to be* rather than freely able to express her opinion. It would serve her to transition into a career, or add a hobby, that would allow her to express her opinion about topics that matter greatly to her, not for only herself to read, but to share with the public or specific communities that inspire change in others.

I greatly appreciate being able to use Farrah’s details to create this post for you.

If you’re ready, willing, and able to learn more about yourself, to release what’s not serving you (or to drop what you’re carrying mentally and emotionally for others), connect with me.

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