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Welcome to me, Sherri Simpson, from the perspective of Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, and the Akashic Records/Soul Level.


Sun Sign: Scorpio
Moon Sign: Scorpio
Rising Sign: Cancer

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Life Path: 8
Day of Birth: 12
Expression: 4

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Human Design

Type: Projector
Strategy: Wait for the Invitation
Inner Authority: Splenic

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Akashic Record/Soul Level

Origin: Starseed – Orion
Divine Energy: Power
Soul Specialization: 3rd Order & Explorer

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Let’s dig into these more deeply (ha, because I’m a Scorpio and that’s what we do!).

ASTROLOGY – understanding the relevance and patterns of the sun, moon and planets

Scorpio Sun: I’m a deep thinker who is often bored and uncomfortable with ‘small talk’. I tend to be very sensitive to energy and find myself overwhelmed by people. I love to spend time alone and sincerely require it to *decompress*, learn more about myself, analyze my own feelings and also to maintain my physical health and vitality. I feel exhausted and emptied when around too many people for too long. I like to spend time *figuring things out* from the perspective of my head AND my heart, and I often have a good sense of other people and what makes them tick.

“Your Sun Sign describes the centre of your personality, what motivates and drives you, and who you are learning to become” –

Scorpio Moon: I’m fiercely loyal, sometimes to a fault (usually at my own expense). I have great emotional needs. I’m strong, powerful, driven (when I have something I truly desire) and thrive on transformation and re-creation (of myself and others). Relationships that allow me to explore (and help heal) people (myself included) is a passion of mine, and feels extremely purposeful. I seek deep intimacy and loyalty (from myself and others). I’ve had to learn to let life flow, to release control of the outcomes and to stop overthinking (and often over-feeling) and simply Be.

“Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature… who you already are”  –

Cancer Rising: This is also called your Ascendant. I make sense of life through my feelings. When I use only my head, I get lost! Lost in love, lost in careers, and lost in my sense of well-being. I truly desire to support and nurture others, but always need to remember that my own needs are uber important. I can NOT fill the well of others when my own well is empty. I can often come across as being *strong* or say ‘I’m fine’ even when I’m not. I dislike feeling vulnerable, and I desire to feel needed and recognized. This can backfire as I have in my past attracted people to me who ‘needed me’, rather than those who were symbiotic. It’s important for me to hold strong boundaries and to speak my truth. I was extremely quiet as a child and did WAY more watching than speaking. **The auto-immune condition, Graves Disease, that I no longer associate with was a very loud wake up call for me to speak up, and stop doing things that I didn’t want to do and that did not serve me.** I have a strong business sense and a desire to create enough abundance to allow me to get up and go (travel) any time I choose. In order to succeed, I need to pay attention to my own cycles – as a water sign, ebb and flow is important.

“Your Rising Sign shows the way you project yourself, how others see you, and the kind of experiences needed to make your life meaningful.” –

NUMEROLOGY – the study of numbers and their significance in your life

8 Life Path: This is the Powerhouse Path where I learn to create a satisfying and positive relationship with money, power and being an authority. This means I struggled with being seen and heard until I realized that my opinion and what I’m here to share is important. The themes and growth opportunities I’m here to experience are based on how I create and share money (and teach others how to do the same), how I use my own power, and how I perceive, experience and commit to myself as being an authority on what I know, understand, study and intuit. I know small thinking is not my way. Making more money and sharing more money gives me more power and authority to create bigger changes, and to help others along their own paths. Strength, resilience and big goals are mine to share and experience.

**What?! Where is the travel and adventure part of that?! OH! That’s WHY I desire to make more money.

“Out Of Alignment: Egotistical, controlling, opinionated, materialistic, forceful, bully, rebellious OR passive, victimized, powerless, insecure, fear of financial success, blaming.” –

Born on the 12th Day: I’m creative and have great artistic talents if and when I choose to use them. It’s part of how I express myself. I’m quick witted and capable of making people laugh and being the *life of the party* (as long as I’m not expected to do it too long -> exhausting). My body is strong, builds muscles quickly and heals more quickly than most. I’m talented in terms of writing and speaking (there’s that creative bit again), and I love to laugh, smile, be friendly and sociable (I smile and say Hi to everyone) and I’m super affectionate. (Check that one off as my Love Language.) I have a tendency to make the best out of all situations. I’m more in alignment with success and achievement when I focus my attention and consistently work on fewer tasks, rather than allowing my energy to be scattered all over.

“Your Birth Day number is one of your Core Numerology numbers.” –

4 Expression Number: As a 4, I’m a foundational person. I require balance and I have a view and approach to life that includes structure, consistency and often a methodical aspect. (There’s often a method to my madness. Ha.)  I appreciate art and creativity, but even more so when it involves a sense of structure and organization within it. I’m trustworthy but can also be stubborn and yes, mule-like. I’m inspired by people who are more imaginative and creative than I.

Your Expression Number is the collection of *personal history* inherited up to the time of your birth. It’s calculated by converting all the letters of your entire birth name to numbers, and then adding them all together and reducing them to a single digit. Learn how to find your own Expression Number here:

HUMAN DESIGN – a detailed system using your birth information that describes who you are (gifts and talents) and how you are meant to best act and create in the world

Projector Type: As a ‘complex Being’ on the planet, I’m here to Guide and recognize others, and to *be invited* to help others see and experience their own gifts and talents. I see people at their full potential. (This has not always been a gift, as I’ve often been in relationships with others who saw themselves as one person while I saw them as someone else… You know that saying about ‘rose coloured glasses’? I had several pairs.) I’m good at reading and understand energy (and feeling the pain of others within my own body) and I’m here to help others (those who invite my help) see and act on (if they choose) their own potential.

Wait for the Invitation Strategy: This one’s a toughy because in this ‘dog eat dog’ world, we’re taught to *Just do it*, *Go after what you want*, *Take the bull by the horns* and all sorts of other pushy, masculine, logical-based things. It’s taken me almost 44 years to understand that it’s not my way. When I force things, and work really hard, and think ALL THE TIME, and go after what I want with all the energy I can muster, I totally exhaust myself and make myself ill. And, it’s not at all fun, and gets me a whole lot of nothing in terms of results. With this strategy, I’m here to magnetize through Who I Am, people who are interested in being guided by me and the value I provide. It’s a more feminine, spiritual and emotional way of being AND doing in the world. I’m sharing in the 11-Day Ditch Resistance Challenge right now about how our wonderful Ego creates Resistance to keep us safe in our comfort zones. The interesting thing about being a Projector who must WAIT to be Invited is that when I don’t wait, and I attempt to invite others, I experience resistance. Others are overwhelmed or feel as though I’m pushing them away. It’s the opposite of my intention.

“You must unlearn what you have learned.” – Yoda

Splenic Inner Authority: This basically means that I don’t *decide* what to do, I FEEL what to do based on almost animal-like instincts. And when I feel it, it’s important for me to ACT on it, like NOW, or it will float away. Thoughts, desires, amazing blog posts… if they aren’t acted upon immediately, they go POOF. It’s like instantaneous intelligence. The feelings are *right* at that moment in time. I often get asked what I plan to do, you know, the “What are you doing this weekend?” type questions. My answer is often, “I don’t know yet”, “It depends on the weather” or “It depends how I feel”. Planning things and doing them in a really structured way does NOT serve me. I’m grateful I have created the ability to do Psychic Card Readings and Akashic Record Clearings as video recordings as this way of serving others serves me well. I function better, and experience a greater number of *happy moments* when I have things to do and places I’d like to go, but NO schedule when they HAVE to be done. I also function better in terms of making plans with others if they call and invite me (I have to wait to be invited, right?!) to do things with them the same day, or even better, in the same hour. I can tap into my emotions right then, and give a solid instinctual answer based on my desire and my Highest Good.

“Authority is a tool for you to know if something is right for you, or not.” –

AKASHIC RECORDS –  the Book of Life, stored in the fifth dimensional plane of existence that collects all thoughts, beliefs, emotions, intentions, actions, situations, experiences and more ever to have occurred, for every soul, in the past, present, and future

Orion Starseed Origination: Orion was a Utopian water world that no longer exists. Those of us who began our existence there often feel *out of sorts* on Earth, as though we’re not quite sure where home is. We see the positives and the Highest Potential for all we come in contact with (there’s those rose-colored glasses again) and we tend to deplete ourselves very easily in our desire to help others heal, grow and expand. Taking good care of myself is uber important, as is spending A LOT of time alone, and time near water, to re-group. We tend to be *jack of all trades* desiring to have a lot of hobbies and different things to do (and learn) to entertain us. Negative choices that others make (choices that go against a person’s Divine Soul) totally confuse and befuddle us. Negativity isn’t something that was experienced on Orion.

Energy of Divine Power: I’m here to teach others that they create their own experiences, and guide them through the action steps to get them where they desire to be. I’m psychic, intuitive, energy-sensitive, and I require truck-loads of freedom and alone time. I’m introverted, though I’m friendly and *play well with others*. I used to tell my friends that “I could date anyone”. Ha. I get that I just got along with everyone, but now I’m (mostly) more selective with who I bring into my heart. I’m independent, strong-willed and can manifest lightening fast when I’m in alignment with who I am at Soul Level. Feeling *stuck* is probably the WORST feeling I’ve ever experienced for a long period of time. It kills my light, my motivation, my zest for life. Options and freedom are like air to me. I’m a natural leader and entrepreneur, and I understand that money is very important (at least in this day and age) as it allows for more choices, and therefore more chances to experience life.

3rd Order and Explorer Soul Specializations: These are like extra goodies that my Soul has. As a 3rd Order, I’m skilled at death, rebirth and transformations and “escort others” to where they’re supposed to be, in this life and others. As an Explorer, I have a *thing* for travel and adventure, and love going *off the beaten path*. I’m seriously giddy, like a kid in a candy store, when I’m hiking a new trail, getting ready to hop on a plane, train or boat, or when I’m driving a new road. I’m here to teach others not to be afraid of the unknown. You create your own reality, right? So you know exactly what your future will hold!

As a Transformational Life Coach, Psychic Card Reader and Akashic Record Reader, I’m appreciative of my ability to use the gifts and talents I’ve cultivated in this life, and through many others before (and after) this one. If you’re ready, willing, and able to learn more about yourself, to release what’s not serving you (or to drop what you’re carrying mentally and emotionally for others), connect with me.

Invite me to guide you along the next step in your path.

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