You are your Guru

Have you been searching for the answers outside of yourself?

Asking everyone you know, and even complete strangers what you should do and how you should do it?

You have all the answers within you. You can ask your Higher Self questions all day long, any time you want.

I know, you might be thinking: I’ve tried! I get NO answers.

That’s common when you don’t want answers, or when you fear the wisdom your Higher Self might share.

What are you afraid of?

What if your Higher Self says:

Get a job!
Go workout!
Stop eating ice cream and stop drinking wine!

Your Higher Self is loving and kind.

You get to COMMAND your Higher Self to come to you, and to give you an answer. It might not be a loud resounding YES or NO, but you will get some form of response. Some wisdom, some feeling, some sensation or some movement of your body. If you are not, listen more closely.

Your Higher Self is no different from a friend or confidant in your Human Life.

You need to build a relationship with them.

You need to learn to TRUST your Higher Self, which essentially means that you need to trust yourself.

Accessing your subconscious mind, through a process like Hypnosis, is also a powerful way to receive answers.

If you fear the answers that will come, know that you don’t ‘have to’ do what’s recommended. You have Free Will. It would be totally rude for your Higher Self to force you to do things, the same way it would be for your friend to force you.

No one is forcing you to act on the guidance.

However, the guidance you receive from your Higher Self and from your subconscious mind is YOUR guidance. It’s catered to you, from you. It’s the most powerful guidance you can ever receive.

Please allow yourself to be fully open to receiving your own wisdom. It’s always there, always available and always catered to you.

You are your Guru.

If you desire help in connecting with your Higher Self and subconscious mind, book a session with me.

Coaching and Hypnosis are a powerful combo. They can TRANSFORM your life. This is not something you NEED. It must be something you truly WANT.

Do you WANT a healthier body, more fulfilling relationships, a higher paying career, more money in your bank account and more fun vacations?

Or do you want to stay where you are and continue living the life you have? It’s your choice. You have the power to change or to keep life the same. Trust your gut and your own wisdom.

You’ve got this!

Hypnosis guides you back into the past to heal, and Coaching leads you bravely and confidently forward to make your desired future real.
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YOU are your own power.

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