Your Higher Self

How do you get responses from your Higher Self?

What a fabulous question.

I know it doesn’t feel that simple, and that’s why most people don’t even try it. You might think you can’t or fear what kind of responses you’ll get.

Think of your Higher Self like a dog or cat, someone or something who doesn’t speak your language, that you’ve had since you were born, and you’ve cultivated a loving and unconditional relationship with. THAT is how your Higher Self feels. Safe. Loving. Kind. Unconditional.

When you’re asking questions and your responses seem to be based in fear, anger, worry, or something else not-so-nice, it’s your Subconscious who is answering.

Who is your Subconscious?

Your subconscious is the aspect of you that sees the world. You built this part of yourself between the ages of 2 and 7. Then it’s as though you close your lid, and what’s in there is how you react to, see, perceive and understand the world from then on, unless you do some work to alter your perceptions.
*I offered a really cool “Burst Through Your Blocks” training that discusses the subconscious in detail. If you’re interested in that, it’s $8 in the YLT Store. You can scroll all the way down to the Self Help section of or find it here.

When you use a Pendulum, or call in answers from your body, your subconscious relays the messages for you. When you speak to your Higher Self, your subconscious doesn’t answer, but relays the messages for you. If you want messages from yourself around age 7, about old patterns, fears and beliefs you may have, certainly ask your subconscious to answer.

If you’d rather learn from your Higher Self what decisions are for your Highest and Greatest Good, you can use the method I describe in the video below to create a connection, and ultimately a relationship, with your Higher Self.

That's me

Expanding the connection you have with your Higher Self is important in healing your body, all 4 bodies, really, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

I share a collection of tips and tricks to do that in the Heal Your Body Naturally Free Webinar. It takes about 40-minutes. At the end, there’s a Free PDF explaining some of the messages your body desires to share, and also a link to book a Free Call with me to see if working with me through your healing journey is something you desire to do. We can do a lot of things alone, but sometimes, we need a guide or mentor to nudge us along.

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Namaste. Take care of you!
Sherri. :O)

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